Meet Katerina

Meet Katerina

Born in Melbourne, raised in Sydney, made my home in Athens, Greece - and now back in Sydney to continue my journey.

Having studied fashion design and worked in the fashion industry for many years, jewellery and accessories were always my biggest love and my biggest weakness.  I always loved jewellery with a bold character, my taste for that type of jewellery continues till today.

Jewellery designing started without much thought or planning. It was a personal need of expression for me.  Working in the fast-paced corporate world at the time “playing with beads” and immersing myself in the design process and creating something that I loved helped me escape the everyday stress and routine – a quasi-therapeutic exercise.  I started making hand-crafted necklaces and bracelets for myself and my friends, as a hobby that gave me a creative outlet.

I realized my hobby was taken to another level and started forming into a brand when an Australian celebrity influencer/blogger requested to showcase my hand made jewellery and accessories in her blog .  I had to find a name, something that would have positive associations with me.   My mums' name “Roza” was the first that came to mind and thus, joining our names together - Katerina Roza was born.

Being self-taught, my passion for jewellery and design was what drove me to experiment with style concepts, materials and colours.  Living in Greece had (and still has) a major impact on my designs and colour choices; the history, the heritage, the lifestyle, the nature, the light, the sun, the sea, the elements - the list goes on and on.......

My aesthetic is definitely not minimal. I think of myself as a maximalist and sometimes over-the-top, but then again it depends on the day, the season, the weather, the mood.

With a focus on limited releases, and limited units in each piece, I create capsule collections inspired by the Mediterranean and my love of Greece and its lifestyle, offering my customers the unique experience of owning and wearing jewellery which is designed to be worn All Day – Every Day, designs that can be mixed and matched, layered or stacked to create a unique individual look.

I am ever-evolving – as a person and a designer.  Mood, feelings, emotions and seasons determine what direction my designs will take.

There is a euphoria when a design comes to life, and a joy beyond comprehension when I see my pieces being loved and worn by my customers - this is the best validation I could ever receive.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me......

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